Building the future

Add stands for what you think when you hear it for the first time! Everyone who meets us has a role to play in the journey we are on.
Therefore, we must keep adding relations, for when we look back, we feel happy about touching and connecting with as many lives as possible.
At Add, we are here to help you add value, strategic communications, and add your business stories to the wide world out there.

Our Founder – Arpita Chavan

Our Founder –

Arpita Chavan

Driven and compassionate, Ms. Arpita Chavan founder of Add Relations India, found her passion in adding value to the businesses to build as, ‘a brand to remember.’

She believes that everyone we meet has a definite role that adds to help us achieve the goals we set for ourselves. Being a part of Public Relations for 8+ years, Arpita found her love in solving client requirements with an easy, calm, and healthy way of communication.

She inclines this startup with sheer dedication, best use of resources, and a thought-led approach to meet the client goals with PR and marketing communications.

To see the brighter side of the pandemic, Arpita believes that it is always good to slow down a bit to speed up where you want to be.

She completed her Masters in Communication Studies from the Savitri Bai Phule Pune University. In her past stints, Arpita has led brands with strategic marketing and insight-based communications in the sectors such as tech, fitness, education, healthcare, manufacturing, lifestyle, food & beverage, retail, education, logistics, FMCG, etc.