Add changes; the only constant.

We always talk about – where do we see ourselves in the next 5 years? That’s the right thing to do and evolve. But it’s also good to see ourselves coming 5 years ahead of the old self.

The last 5 years made us stand stronger today to receive more clarity, meet some amazing personalities, foundational learnings for a few, and life lessons at every juncture.

My journey to being able to start Add Relations India, started just the same way. A simple call from one of my ex-clients to handle their upcoming brand could change the line of thought for the better and how. Plus some advice from the ones we consider as an important part of our career growth is also always good to receive. Glad that some relationships don’t end just because we are not part of the organization or the project anymore. In fact, it is always good to reach out where you think you would receive unbiased advice. Maybe the usual conversations may end with a few but it surely ‘Adds up’ in the journey we are on.

All this boosted a different level of confidence in me to begin something which probably I always wanted to do, all thanks to the warm-up years which led me to begin – Add Relations India. The name is all we intend to do in the firm which is recently born and hopefully, it can add more value and relationships to prosper and succeed together.